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AVATAR – What James Cameron did right…and how it can apply to you.

Posted on: January 10, 2010

AVATAR – What James Cameron did right…and how it can apply to you.

Have you heard of the latest James Cameron film AVATAR?? If you haven’t you cannot have been exposed to any media in the last 6 months!

I went to see it in 3D in French last week and even though it wasn’t my first language I still GOT IT! It’s an amazing piece of work with an interesting message.

So what are the 6 things James Cameron did to contribute to the success of his latest venture?

No 1: Following his passion and vision – he’s been working on Avatar since the 1990’s – he was VERY CLEAR about what he wanted to say, how he wanted to say it and what it would look like when completed.

Q: Do you have a clear plan of action and goals set for next week/month/year/5 years? Can you visualise what you life will be like in 12 months?

No 2: He has built up his credibility as someone who delivers the goods; he is consistent in his quality. Titanic was his last film so when the word started to spread about his latest project, people took notice.

Q: If you asked your clients right now – would they be happy with the quality of services. Is there anything else you can do to be more consistent, raise quality or get testimonials? How else can you increase your credibility in the eyes of your clients, customers, colleagues and potential clients?

No 3: He had a significant Product Launch Cycle starting months ago! There has been excitement around this film with interviews, leaks in the plot, and special reports on the use of new 3D technology to name a few. The film had been released for 7 days when I got into the box office queue to get my tickets. It was a 350 seat cinema, I was there 90 minutes before and I got the last two tickets!! There was already a queue both sides of the cinema to get the best seats! The evening show was already sold out and the rest of the week had little availability. Perhaps it was the added bonus of the 3D element that was part of the excitement – not just the film. In any case it’s worked and it’s generated over $400 million at the box office so far. So I think it’s been a success so far?

Q: What products do you have that are planned that could use an injected blast of excitement and je ne sais quoi? Can you extend any of your product launch cycles to build up the promotion in the eyes of your potential clients!

No 4: The 3D Element – Ok I know we HAVE seen 3D before in the 80’s and a little in the 90’s. Nevertheless there appears to be a huge revival in Hollywood right now. All the cinemas have been charging a premium to ‘hire’ the special 3D glasses and attend the 3D showings. Where I went, it wasn’t the flimsy cardboard one’s with red and green lenses that I had had before – these were the Ray Bans of 3D glasses (well is was a French cinema – you need to be chic daarlin even in 3D). So this wasn’t just an ‘ordinary’ film it was 3D, special, different, more exciting and a ‘change’ from the normal routine films. This again added to box office and queuing children’s excitement!

Q: So are there any products or Work in Progress that you could re-examine and just add the ‘something’ that other people are not doing, or have started doing but not mastered yet? We all know Social Media is going to become (and is) starting to be a huge player in the new way to market and do business. Is there something there where you can be ‘different’ (without being gimmicky!)

No 5: Timing – Avatar was released just BEFORE Christmas when children and families and all ages would be free to attend the cinema without being at school, work etc. When it’s cold outside – Cinema is always a good option and plus it keeps the kids occupied! Due to the nature of the film his ‘audience/target market’ was wide and therefore the timing assisted him in maximising box office attendance, fuelling even more fantastic PR and very happy customers!

Q: Are there any promotions you can launch around a specific event (not your Aunty Dora’s Birthday) but Chinese New Year, Valentines Day/ In France it is a Saints Day most days so take your pick! Can you do a promotion that only lasts a short period of time to enhance customer’s decision making?

No 6: Message – James Cameron wanted to produce something extraordinary but with a strong message – We need to look after the planet, we need to redress what the world is doing and how we behave as human beings. Did you get an element of that message when you watched it? Everyone naturally has their interpretation and James is confident he has opened eyes and effected people emotionally – enough to get them to start thinking about how they could change the planet for the better – and still be profitable. Sounds idealistic I know – nonetheless it has struck a chord with the audiences of today and particularly the next generation.

Q: What is the message you want your customers to ‘get’ about you? Do you have a personal mission? How do you want them to see you, buy from you, and interact with you or your company? What legacy do you want to develop?

These are slightly more probing questions that may take you time to answer. It will be worth the investment!

Amanda Steadman / Connect to Success


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Great post Amanda. It is always helpful to put things in terms that people can relate to. Nice going using Avatar to explain what businesses should do to promote their brand. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Ca va?

Awesome article Amanda! Gives me inspiration for my screenwriting that even if I start now the film could still be a hit in 10 years! ;–)


Ciao bella

Mishcha :0)

(thats the extent of my limited Francais! haha)

Speak soon x

brilliant article Amanda. given me food for thought (again). I loved the movie but you have given me a new angle to look at. may I learn to write like you 🙂
all the best
warmest wishes

Thank you Cindy for your nice comment, feel free to ask tips & Info if you need more contents.
Have a great week end.
Amanda Steadman.

I am currently reading it on my Blackberry and will scan it once I get home. I love your site and marketing strategy. Check out my website if you get a chance.

Hi, it looks like your site

The information presented is top notch. I’ve been doing some research on the topic and this post answered several questions. Thanks Sexy!

Please let me know your thoughts on this. 🙂

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